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Beaver Creek Bulldogs - 605-376-2996

Minnesota English Bulldog Puppies

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"We recently purchased a bulldog from Heather. This was our first dog and we wanted a bulldog. From the first phone call to see about the dogs, to picking him up, Heather has bee..."


Our first dog.


"Lets just say before we found Beaver Creek Bulldogs our search for our new bully family member was not very good. We found our girl Cali from Beaver Creek online and were instan..."

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Kevin and I married in 2001 and also purchased our very first bully that same year! I have to admit that he was a bit more excited about this than I was at the time. I wasn't sure I wanted a big, slobbery dog running around my house, but he had "always wanted one" since he was a little boy... SO, I gave in. We brought Roxie home and I have never been more in love with an animal in my entire life!! She was our first child, our baby! I also must say that while our bullies are messy water drinkers, they do NOT slobber all over the house like I had imagined! (Thank goodness!!!) We decided to research raising bulldogs as Kevin's family had always raised the smaller breeds while he was growing up. I must say that raising a litter of bully pups is NOTHING like raising a litter of other breeds. WOW - it is time consuming, stressful, etc.... but it is also incredibly rewarding!!! Our puppies go to amazing homes and that makes the parting with them SO much easier!!!!

If you've owned a bulldog before, you will know this, but bulldogs are unlike ANY OTHER BREED of dog!!! I am convinced that they KNOW what you're talking about! I am also convinced that they think they are human and we treat them that way as well. They are AMAZING with children and tolerate most anything the kids can dish out! We have 2 young boys that pushed Roxie to the limits and she loved every minute of it!!

Sadly, we had to let Roxie go to doggy-heaven in January of 2011 due to cancer. It was one of the hardest days we have ever had. We knew it was for the best, but she was still our first child! We still see spurts of Roxie in all of our bullies and smile and joke about how they get that from their mom/grandma/great-grandma. She is deeply missed by all in our home!!!

We live on 10 acres in SW Minnesota, near Sioux Falls, SD. We invite you to visit the puppies in person if you are able! We also are able to safely ship our puppies on Continental Airlines. Please call or email if you have ANY questions or just want to visit about our bullies!!! We'd love to hear from you!!!

Heather and Kevin Jessen 605-376-2996 cell